A Milestone Week

This past week has been a week of milestones, both for me and for Marathon for CF. It started last Sunday with a win in the 10k at the Clearwater Lake Marathon (first win ever), as well as a new personal best time and a sub-40 minute time. This week also marked the peak of my training, with a total of 115 km (the most I’ve ever done) including a 32 km run today.

On Friday, July 21, the Kinsmen held a BBQ to help in my fundraising efforts, with all sales going towards Marathon for CF. We were given discounts and donations in food and supplies from Arctic Beverages, the Grub Box, and Berscheid Meats, and Great North GM was gracious to provide the space as well as cover the remaining cost of the food and drinks. Members of the Kinsmen Club of The Pas ran the barbeque and cooked the burgers. Mark Andrews from CJAR was on location and broadcasted an interview live on Facebook, and Trevor Wright from the Opasquia Times was also there to interview me for a story in next week’s paper.

The turnout for the BBQ was amazing, there were people from all over the community who dropped by for a burger and drink, as well as people who grabbed burgers to go for their co-workers. I was able to stop and chat with a bunch of people about the upcoming race and thank them for their support. I collected over $300 in additional donations, bringing my total for donations over $1000. The BBQ itself helped raise over $1000, bringing the total amount to over $2000.

I couldn’t be happier with the support I’ve received from the community, from friends and family, and of course from my Kinsmen family for helping make this fundraising effort successful. It will be a very proud moment in Halifax when I can present a cheque on behalf of my club and my community for such an important cause.

After tonight my training will start to taper off, as I focus on getting well rested and ready for the race in 3 weeks. Next week “only” calls for 95 km (which will feel pretty easy compared to the amount I had to do this week). I’m starting to get excited for the race, I’m feeling very well prepared and ready to break another personal milestone…my goal is to finish in under 3:10.

Stay tuned for more updates as the date gets ever closer!