House Rules





(October 2019)


1.    The purpose of the Club By-laws contained herein are as follows:

a.    To provide more specific wording to some of the Club Administration By-laws contained within the National Constitution and By-laws.

b.    To provide additional procedures for conducting business within the Club.

2.    The Kinsmen Club of The Pas adopts the Club administration By-laws contained within the National Constitution and By-laws as its official Club By-laws.

3.    The incoming Club Executive shall review the Club By-laws and shall propose revisions and updates to them where deemed appropriate.  All changes to the Club By-laws shall be proposed by motion and must be approved by the membership of the Club at a general meeting.



1.    The Club shall hold general dinner meetings every second Thursday, beginning in September.  Twenty of these meetings shall be held in the Kin year.  The Club Executive shall be empowered to reschedule meetings due to holidays.

2.    The format of the meetings shall be:

a.    Fellowship from 6:30 to 7:00 PM and after the conclusion;

b.    Dinner at 7:00 PM

c.    Business portion to commence immediately after dinner.  It is recommended that the chair of the meeting have the business portion concluded by 9:00 PM.

d.    The business portion of the Golf Meeting held at the conclusion of the Kin Year is restricted to receiving reports from Executive Members and Committee Chairs.

3.    The singing of O’ Canada, followed by giving Kin Grace as invocation, as well as the Kin toast shall be observed at each general meeting.

4.    The Price of the dinner portion of a general meeting will be $17.00 per member.  If the member does not notify the registrar by 9:00 PM of the Monday preceding the general meeting that he will not attend that general meeting, then the member is liable for the $17.00 cost of the meal.  All members bringing guests should likewise notify the Registrar by 9:00 PM Monday, so that sufficient meals are ordered.

5.    In the event that a member brings a guest to a general meeting, then that   member shall bear the cost of his guest’s first meal.  The Club shall refund this cost to the member subsequent to the meeting at which the guest is accepted into the club as an active member.

6.    The price for one bottle of beer or 1 oz. of liquor shall be $3.00. A 2 oz. drink shall be $5.00.  If a member wishes to drink only non-alcoholic beverages, he shall pay a flat fee of $3.00 for an unlimited quantity of non-alcoholic beverages that meeting.

7.    During the course of a general meeting, the Sergeant at Arms shall levy fines where appropriate against members.  The Maximum fines per member at any meeting shall be $5.00.  ($1.00 for every occurrence)

8.    Installation night and other meetings as deemed necessary by the Club Executive shall be closed to guests, unless Club Executive opens installation night to guests.

9.    Proper notice requires the Notice of Motion to be raised at a prior General or Executive Meeting and be published in a Bulletin delivered prior to the General Meeting in which the matter is brought to the floor.  The membership at a general or executive meeting shall have the power to approve an unbudgeted expenditure of up to $500.00 without a notice of motion. All notices of motion proposed at a general meeting shall be submitted to the Club Secretary in writing by the Mover.


Club Executive:

1.    The Executive officers of the Club are the President, Past President, First and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, Risk Manager Director, up to two Bar Chairmen, three Directors (one of whom shall be membership chairman), and registrar.

2.    The current Club President, Treasurer and at least one of the following; Secretary or First Vice President shall be the signing officers for the Club’s general and service accounts.  In the event that another club account is created, then the current Club President, Treasurer, and other Kinsmen members as approved by The Club Executive shall have signing authority over that account.  Each Club account shall require a minimum of two signing officers and shall require the signature of at least two Kinsmen on all cheques drawn against that account.

3.    Prior to July 1, the incoming and outgoing Executive shall meet to ensure a smooth transition between Executives and ensure continuity for mail delivery and payments during the summer recess.  Signing authority on all club accounts will be transferred within one week before or after the transition meeting date.

4.    During a meeting year, the Club Executive shall accommodate:

a.    A general meeting chaired by the First Vice President;

b.    A general meeting chaired by the Second Vice President;

c.    A Past President’s night to which all club Past Presidents be invited as a guest and recognized during the meeting.  The Club shall bear the costs of meals for all non-member Past Presidents.

d.    A changeover meeting between the outgoing and incoming Club Executives.

e.    An Anniversary Night Celebration to be as close to March 25th as possible.

5.    Executive meetings are open to all members.  However, at least 50% plus one of executive members must be present for quorum.  If executive quorum is reached, all members in good standing are eligible to propose motions or vote on motions.

6.    By August 15th each year, a formal internal or external audit on the previous year’s financials will be completed.  The club executive will decide who will complete the audit.


Membership Dues

1.    The annual membership dues of the club shall be such amount as may be set in the annual club budget and shall be payable two weeks following approval of the annual Club budget.

2.    Annual membership dues charged to new members of the club shall be the normal annual membership fees pro-rated over the number of meetings left in the Kin year for that new member.


Standing Committees:

1.    The Standing Committees of the Club shall be as follows:

a.    Canada Day Picnic

b.    Cystic Fibrosis

c.    Club By-Laws

d.    Kin Centre

e.    Fish Derby

f.     Founder’s Night

g.    400 Club

h.    Installation

i.      Long Range Planning

j.      MBCI & Hal Rogers Bursaries

k.    Meals on Wheels

l.      Membership & Education

m.   Public Relations and Social Media

n.    Trappers Festival & Dog Races

o.    Christmas trees

p.    Sled Raffle

q.    Comedy Jam

r.     Ladies Night Out

s.    BBQ Raffle

t.      Highway Clean-Up

u.    Safe Grad

v.    Awards

w.   Webmaster

x.    Project records Manager


Special Provisions:

1.    The official name of the Club Bulletin shall be left to the discretion of the bulletin Editor.

2.    A list of names of club members, their addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, membership number and spouses’ names shall be published in each bulletin.

3.    The Secretary shall be informed and the club shall send appropriate acknowledgement not to exceed $50.00 for every occurrence of the following:

a.    Serious illness, hospitalization, or death of a member or a member’s immediate family;

b.    Birth or adoption to a Kin family;

4.    The Club shall select a Kinsmen of the Year and a Rookie of the Year from among themselves.  These members shall be members in good standing of the association in the year that they are selected.  Rookie of the year is open to all members joining before January 1st in that kin year, all members including Rookie members are eligible for Kinsmen of the Year with exception to the President. Voting of these awards shall be conducted during the meeting that the following year’s Club Executive is elected.  All Kinsmen members in good standing including the President shall be entitled to vote.  The result of the vote shall not be announced until the Golf Course meeting.


Travel Policy:

1.    The Club’s travel account will pay the registration fees for members who attend the business portions of the annual National Convention, Fall Leadership Conference, Spring Zone, and District Convention. Travel costs as outlined in item 3 under this heading will be paid/reimbursed for Fall Leadership Conference, Spring Zone and District Convention.

2.    The Travel Account will be made up of money collected from the previous year kin center bar profits:

3.    Registration fees and reasonable travel costs limited to transportation and accommodations must be pre-approved by the club executive and will be paid with a club credit card or reimbursed to the member in full directly after the event. No Registration or travel costs for any given kin year will be charged to the club or reimbursed to a member once the travel account balance drops to $100. Any excess funds in the travel account shall carry over to subsequent years.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the club shall retain the right to designate funds from the travel account to a specific function, account or service project.

Presidential Travel:

1.    The Club President or his designate and the Past President is expected to attend the following Meetings:

a.    Club Officer’s Seminar

b.    Fall leadership Conference

c.    Spring Zone

d.    District Convention

e.    National Convention held subsequent to his year in office, every odd numbered year.

2.    The Club shall reimburse the Club President or His designate and the Past President from the Travel account  the following substantiated expenses:

a.    District and Zone Functions

                                          i.    Gasoline receipts or mileage paid at district rates

ii.    Full Registration

iii.    Up to double hotel accommodations

b.    National Convention

                                          i.    Gasoline receipts or mileage or air fare, whatever is lowest paid at district rates

ii.    Full registration

iii.    Up to double hotel accommodations



1.    In recognition of the benefits to the entire Club when a full slate of Members attend for general meetings, it is desirable that each member do their best to attend unless they are unable to do so due to circumstances (family, work, health) beyond their control.  Therefore the following attendance rules apply to all members:

a.    Whenever possible, regrets should be forwarded to the registrar in advance of the meeting

b.    Should any member miss two meetings in a row without providing any explanation, they will be contacted by the registrar to discuss the unexplained absence, which that executive member shall report at the next executive meeting.

c.    Should any member miss three meetings in a row, the club executive has the right to find the member not in good standing, which shall be discussed and voted upon at an executive meeting;

d.    A member found not in good standing will be sent an email by the club secretary informing of their standing and the process to apply for reinstatement.

e.    Any member found not in good standing may apply to the club Executive for reinstatement of club membership, which shall be discussed and voted upon at an executive meeting.  The Club executive shall have the right to impose conditions upon the reinstatement of any member.


Project Reports


1.    For each project, there will be an official project binder containing a service tracking report and a record of all financial transactions related to that project.

a.    Each binder will contain current detailed records of that project. Records from all prior years are to be kept on file in the Kin Center office for a period not exceeding seven years.

b.    Each project report outlining Revenue and Expenses shall include any treasurer activity within the project and a balance sheet outlining all debits and credits.

c.    Within two executive meetings immediately following the conclusion of the project, the project chair shall present a detailed report including a bank record that confirms all deposits were made.