We are prepared to get ‘Muddy’

The Kinsmen Club of The Pas is excited to be adding to the community calendar this fall with their first ever True North Tough Mud Run on September 2, 2017.

After some thought by the club about how to add a new event, someone mentioned the amazing success that mud runs and obstacle course races have had across Canada. ‘In 2014, a group of dedicated fitness enthusiasts ran Sweat, Blood and Mud race at the ag grounds in The Pas,’ noted event co-chair Adam Noel, ‘The Kinsmen Club approached them about what worked and what didn’t and came to the conclusion that with that group coming on as advisors that the manpower the club brings would make this event successful.’

The race will take place on Saturday, September 2nd, and start and finish at the Wellness center. The course will run on paths alongside Centennial Drive, into the towns gravel pits and back for a finish in the wellness center. There will be 13 obstacles set up along the 5 km course and will feature obstacles made with tires, ropes, walls and other staples of the mud run community. The race will feature 2 categories, elite and recreation, with the difference being that ALL obstacles must be completed in a certain way for elite and they will receive a time and finishers medal. All racers will get a T-shirt for finishing and recreational participants are encouraged to form teams, dress up and have fun on the course.

‘The club is very excited to take on this new project as it reminds us a lot of the dog races,’ states President Kevin Carlson, ‘we have some very big projects coming up with other groups in the community and the funds raised by this will be used to fund those announcements’

Sign Up is available through the Facebook event that is set up on The Pas Kinsmen’s page, through the website www.truenorthtough.ca or by searching for True North Tough Mud Run on Eventbrite.